The Story of Chandeliers Producers

The Story of the Chandeliers
Chandelier means literally the hanging object. The chandeliers seen in different uses of the East and the West have acquired their original style as a result of successful combinations.

Waxed chandeliers were first used in religious places in the 11th century; Afterwards, different circular arrangements were created for the candles that will melt each other in a row in order to emit light in the most appropriate way. Arm chandelier models are also designed to provide the most favorable burning conditions of the candles. After the discovery of electricity, a variety of free materials such as bronze, silver, brass, glass and naja were used in the chandeliers, whose use increased in the 18th century.

The chandelier fashion, which is common in all of Europe, entered the Ottoman State after the 18th century and it was started to be used in the mosques in the centuries that followed this process. the most eye-catching chandeliers in Turkey Beylerbeyi and Dolmabahçe palaces and is located at the Topkapi Palace Museum. These chandeliers are exquisite examples decorated with several tons of crystals and glasses.

When looking at the general of the chandeliers used in the Ottoman period, it is seen that the samples brought from Bohemia and Venice are preferred in terms of the glass and workmanship quality. The chandelier has been and has continued to be a fixture in the lives of people since history.

The chandelier models, on the other hand, will continue to be popular due to their showy and noble appearance, even if they change form according to the changing train and undergo a variety of materials. The materials commonly used in chandeliers today are metal, aluminum and glass. In addition, minimalist designers have managed to add fabric material to modern chandelier designs.

Established in 1986 with the permission of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the Istanbul Chandelier Manufacturers and Sellers Chamber worked to increase the quality. Mastery documents were given to the owners of the workplace. As Şişhane, which is the center of chandelier, turned into a touristic region, our Association was founded on May 20, 2009 after the companies producing the chandelier and its sub-industry moved to Sultangazi chandeliers.

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