From the President

Mustafa Hastaoğlu

Dear Colleagues;

We greet you with respect as the Association of Lighting Industrialists and Businessmen (AYDSİAD).

Founded in 2009, AYDSİAD has been continuing its existence as an institution where decorative lighting manufacturers and importers have been together and had the opportunity to act together.

We are going through a period in which the lighting industry has transformed all over the world.

Instead of the standard bulbs we used in the past, we are going through a fast and radical transformation such as the increasing use of new generation LED light sources, transformations in the markets, companies that make boutique productions rather than businesses that produce high quantities, and that electronics are placed in the heart of the lighting.

We continue our efforts to adapt to this new order as soon as possible, to manage the process and to become a regional leader.

In this period when our handcrafted chandelier masters are not trained, we continue our studies for trained and high quality human resources that will carry our sector further by working with our vocational high schools.

Studies to promote our sector and our region are continuing rapidly.

I sincerely greet my dear friends on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Association of Lighting Industrialists and Businessmen (AYDSİAD), who will provide high employment, generate high and value added export figures in the near future, and represent our country in the best way in international markets.

Lighting Industrialists and Businessmen Association (AYDSİAD)

On behalf of the Board of Directors

Mustafa Hastaoğlu



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