Event Areas

  1. We provide our members with information about our activities with regular breakfasts every month.
  2. We organize seminars and meetings to exchange information with our members and improve our communication.
  3. We conduct market research for our members and share new technologies with our members. communicate with other associations in Turkey and abroad, we provide ideas to be made in exchange among members.
  4. We organize technological and academic seminars in order to ensure that the information of scientific research institutions is available to our members.
  5. We share the news about the sector and the media and social media with our members.
  6. We organize courses on subjects needed in the sector.
  7. We prepare catalogs to introduce our members to be distributed at national and international fairs when needed.

AYDSİAD Membership

You can access Lighting Producers and Businessmen Association membership requirements and application form here.


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