The Association

AYDSIAD – Lighting Producers and Businessmen Association is an association established in 2009 with the aim of developing the sector in the fields of indoor and outdoor lighting, decorative lighting and lighting accessories with 20 suppliers operating in the sector.

Today, AYDSIAD has taken a leading role in the solution of sector problems with its 80 members.

AYDSIAD’s target is; To open the way for the sector and the companies operating in the sector by solving the problems experienced in the lighting sector, to support both the national economy and the sector investments.

Main Aims of Our Association

  1. To play a decisive role in determining and developing the basic standards in the lighting industry.
  2. Taking precautions against imitation of products and illegal trade, protecting the rights of original production companies
  3. Following the changing technology in the world and the new trend in the sector, to transfer this change and developments to its members
  4. Turkey contributes to the promotion of firms operating in the lighting industry
  5. To internationally organized lighting organizations; ensuring the participation of member companies contribute to the promotion of Turkey and the member firms of the worldwide lighting industry
  6. Creating an opportunity to develop social, cultural and business relationships by establishing ties between its members.
  7. Listening to the sectoral problems of its members and seeking solutions to these problems,
    Bringing our members together with companies by guiding customers from abroad,
  8. Encouraging our members to participate in international and domestic fairs, to benefit from the advantages in the sector.


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